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Frustrated with getting your kids to do as they are told? Here are a series of chapters on guiding children.

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While you wait for the site to be updated, please join my email list.   My Google Groups Email List is how I send out most of the information that I receive.   There are approximately 3600 parents on this list with connections to thousands of other parents. Generally, you will receive from 1 to 3 emails each week with one of the emails being a newsletter with a bunch of information in it.   This email list is shared by the Philadelphia Home and School Council and The School District of Philadelphia.  Your information will not be shared without your permission.

Just so you know who you are giving this information to...   I am a parent of two high school children in the School District.  I have been active in the District since my children started in HeadStart in 2001.   I have been an employee within the Office of Educational Technology, a consultant to the Office of Parent Engagement to train parents and to build a online registration system for parents, and more recently, a volunteer helping to build a District-Wide Frequently-Asked-Question system for parents (should be announced soon).   I am also active as a parent volunteer in the development of the School Advisory Councils and am now the Secretary of the Philadelphia Home and School Council.  Here is a link to my full Bio

Feel free to email me with questions at jay@weisscohen.org.  Click here for my current projects.  Google Sites was used at each of the following websites along with Google Apps Scripting to automate online forms and use Google Docs for online content).