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September 15, 2014

Crispy Vegetarian Roll-ups

I have found this recipe easy to make yet very popular with my kids and grand-kids especially when they participate in the making of their own tortilla. Other veggies of their choice can be substituted and works great with leftovers.  The first one home can get this dinner started.  Everyone can use their own favorite veggies that they choose from the following list...

September 11, 2014

OSA- Could It Be Why?

Lazy, dumb, slow, trouble maker, etc...all common labels on students not making the grade in school. However, a child’s academic performance may not be lack of intelligence or even poor behavior. School difficulties may, in fact, be caused by poor quality sleep. 18 Million people, including both children and adults, suffer from a problem called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Unfortunately, 80% to 90% of Sleep Apnea sufferers are undiagnosed. This medical condition is caused by the closure of the trachea (breathing tube) during the night. Breathing stops, and then vital oxygen ceases to nourish the brain. What causes this condition?

September 10, 2014

Gail's Parenting Blog - Goals

I believe our goal is to raise and guide all children to develop who they really are, with their own unique gifts and challenges, to love life, to contribute to society and to become responsible adults.  Do you want this for your children? What if we did not focus on behavior...

September 8, 2014


Image result for school pride pictureMacy's is holding a school pride contest that started on September 4th and is going until October 10th. To enter, visit Macy’s channel on YouTube at (the “Contest Site”) during the Contest Period and follow the instructions to upload a Lip Dub video of the school’s students lip-syncing

August 23, 2014

Gary's Nutrition Tips

We all have  limited amount of time every day. Work, errands, and house chores consume most of it. So, what about nutritious meals for you and your family? Unfortunately, probably the most important part of the day falls by the wayside. We reach for a can of chili or a box of processed cereal to simplify life. We consume preservatives, bad fats, sugar and excessive salt. How can we possibly have the time and the energy to provide the proper nutrition for you and your family? The answer is...

Gail's Parenting Blog Introduction

When I was pregnant with my first child, Jay, I read many books on raising children.  I thought this made me an expert and I then knew all about children and how they behaved.  When Jay was born he did not follow the books, so I believed the books were wrong and concluded, “So, this is what children are really like.”  After all, I had a child and so I knew everything!  Right?  Then David was born.  He was different than Jay.  How could that be?  By the time Bobby and Andrew came along, I began to realize that all children are different and I really did not know very much.  Later, as the children began to teach me, and I experienced more of life, I realized how little we really know about raising children.  This is such an important task, and most of us are not prepared...