October 22, 2014

Family School Pride Violence Prevention by Alicia Dorsey


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Parents and Community Stakeholders packed room 1075 with their concerns on the issue of bullying. We learned so much from Dr. Stephen Leff, Co-Director of the CHOP Violence Prevention Initiative and Wanda Moore. If you would like for them to come to your school please email leff@email.chop.edu or moorew@email.chop.edu or visit their website for more information, www.chop.edu/violence

October 19, 2014

Family School Pride Exposure Is Key by Alicia Dorsey

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DSCF1341.JPGBeing a grandmother has ups and downs, today i would like to share an up for me!! The beauty of living in rich cultural Philadelphia is having The Free Library of Philadelphia as the catalyst to explore various cultures with their Sunday on Stage series. Sunday on Stage enhances reading about culture by bringing to life the images and instruments used by various cultures.i didn’t want to get up today, but knowing that i could take my grandson and his sister to our central library to learn about our culture was motivation. For there is very little to no history passing going on in my family gatherings. Exposure is key and i try to expose our youth and families to most everything good for us.

October 18, 2014

Family School Pride Erasing Stigmas, Building Support by Alicia Dorsey

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The School District of Philadelphia Family and Community Engagement Conversation Series Support for Incarcerated Parents

Attended Conversation number two at the School district on Tuesday. Great information was shared. I am impressed with Evelyn Sample-Oates Director of F.A.C.E. who decided to host the conversations to hear from the families what their needs are and how the school district can better serve the families. We learned so much at this conversation on support for incarcerated parents.

October 17, 2014

Family School Pride "That's My School"

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That’s My School
Up at my school,
Everyone is different,
Yet we are treated,
Like an equal.
Everyone is always smiling,
Or laughing so hard,
They start to cry,
That’s my school.

October 16, 2014

Solve It Yourself (ages 9-12)

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Free classes, designed and taught by local writers at two locations in Philadelphia

Mighty Players & Playwrights (ages 11-13)

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Free classes, designed and taught by local writers at two locations in Philadelphia

More Yoga for Kids (ages 8-12)

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Free classes, designed and taught by local writers at two locations in Philadelphia 

Bike Share

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Bike share is a new form of public transportation. Starting next spring, bikes will be available for pick-up and drop-off at around 60 station locations in Center City and parts of South, North, and West Philadelphia. 

Ceramics After School!

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Interested in putting your children in after school art classes? Here is an opportunity! See below for the flyer.

What are you doing after school?

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Learn Instrumentals and Music Recording from Music Professionals in an after school music program. There is a $35 one-time fee for the fall session but we turn no one away for financial reasons.

College Prep 102: The P.L.A.N. for Success!

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Enjoy a day filled with interactive sessions and presentations focusing on college preparation and the benefits of higher education!

Youth United For Change

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This petition calls for stopping limitations on student activism and organizing and restoring the PFT's contract, because we cannot learn without our teachers and they deserve quality sustainable working conditions.


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  • Learn about free computer access, education, and job preparation resources

Important Parent Group Supports Tom Wolf

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Recently an important parent group, Education Voters Action Fund, has endorsed Tom Wolf in his race for PA Governor. This is an update to those interested. See below please.